About us

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Justin Mitchell


Music started very early for Justin. When he was little, his ears perked up whenever his father would sing and play acoustic guitar. At the age of eight, he started recording his own songs through cassette tapes. As the years went by, Justin started integrating computer software into his recordings. By the time he was in high school he was recording all the bands he was involved with, and was always pretty confident with it, even without any real training in recording. After high school, Justin knew audio engineering was his calling. After learning from producers and mentors, he trained his ear and songwriting ability. He soon began engineering full time, making mixes that can translate across mediums and helping create countless songs that move with emotion and feeling. 





Ryan Leitgeb

Producer/Engineer/Session Guitarist

Ryan started guitar lessons from Berkley’s own Jim Hartman in 2004 and continued up until 2009.  With a strong background in music theory and music production, he began a recording and producing apprenticeship under the wing of Justin Mitchell in 2015, working at it every day. He’s played in various bands of different styles, and have toured the United States professionally.  Ryan’s goal is to put 110 percent effort and knowledge into your project, doing whatever it takes to give your songs exactly what they need.